EPE Special Opportunities Limited

EPE Special Opportunities Limited ("ESO") is an AIM-quoted, private equity investment company whose objective is to provide long-term return on equity for its shareholders by investing in small and medium sized companies.

ESO is the corner-stone of the capital division of EPIC Private Equity ("EPE") and is 25% owned by EPE employees, creating significant alignment with investors and management teams.

EPE believes in developing certain investments over the very long term in order to maximise value, and the quoted structure of ESO plc facilitates prolonged holding periods.

ESO seeks to invest between £2m and £20m in growth capital, buyout, distressed and PIPE situations and has the flexibility to invest publicly as well as privately. The Company is also able to invest in Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (“SPACs”) and third party funds.

ESO will consider most industry sectors including consumer and retail, financial services, manufacturing and the wider services sector (including education, healthcare and business services).

ESO targets companies with strong fundamentals, including defensible competitive positioning and high levels of cash generation, and seeks to partner with outstanding management teams to combine operational and financial expertise in each investment.

ESO’s portfolio may be concentrated in order to focus on a small number of high-quality assets, generally between two and ten at any one time.

The current investment portfolio is comprised of five companies.

The ESO's Key Information Docuement ("KID") can be found here. This version of the KID was published on 31 January 2018.